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China Circus: V.B. Fine Arts Center

Snunday June 5 - 2 p.m. 
Tickets (Groups of ten or more take $5 per ticket!) VIP Adults (Premium seating (first three rows) and VIP meet and greet before performance) - $33 VIP Children 12 and under (Premium seating (first three rows) and VIP meet and greet before performance) - $23 General admission - Adults - $28  Children (12 and under ) - $18 Lap babies (two and under) - FREE Family four pack (two adult, two kids general admissions) - $80! 
Call for tickets and/or information: 479 - 471 - 4017 .  Or click below! 


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Jesica on The Fort!

Jesica has been rockin the air waves in the Arklahoma area for over 10 years. The love of music, listener requests, supporting the local scene, and being par tof such a great radio family is truly AWESOME! In my non-radio time I love to be with my wonderful husband, 2 great kids, AMAZING friends, family and to enjoy the GREAT local talent in the area.. I feel very blessed to have such a BADASS and rewarding life. I am always encouraging our local artists to send in new music for our local show Arklahoma Grown live Tuesdays at 8pm with a replay Sunday at 7pm. Send in your radio friendly stuff to radiojesica@gmail.com Remember if we don't support our local scene who will... Final thought- Be Good, Be Good at it and whetever you do don't get caught! One or all 3 always apply! trust me :-) Contact Jesica on air  @ (479) 783-5307.

Tommy Street 

Radio / Music is a passion that transends time. Through fun radio years, thousands of songs, hundreds of artist interviews, concerts I've either MC'd or brought listeners back stage for meet and greets,  I still wake up each morning with a passion for radio. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love. Can't do it without the wonderful listeners who make Radio happen everyday! Thanks so much for listening. In the meantime, I encourage you to save a life by adopting a homeless pet today at Sebastian County Humane Society! 
Call me if you have a request, or shoot me an email @ Tommy@TommyStreet.com. Http://TommyStreet.com

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